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We live in a world which over uses the term sustainable there are multiple meanings. This is partly because the ultimate definition renders our world as unsustainable, eventually everything finite comes to an end. Should greater emphasis be given to the joy of life while it is still with us or should we stave of the impending horror for as long as possible. A Guide to Being Unsustainable explores what makes life bearable and why that is not at odds with what we think sustainability mighty be. The Scottish Ecological Design Association has published the first part in October 2018, part 2 completes this stage of the Guide after which they will be brought together into one publication.

Photograph Credit - Caitlin-MacLeod

Photograph Credit - Caitlin-MacLeod


In a world where sustainability is an impossible ambition, the team at ‘A Guide to Being Unsustainable’ will answer your questions on subjects ranging from fashion to gardening, travel to relationships, car & restaurant reviews and is God sustainable. The subjects we will be covering and our team is as listed below, please try and test their knowledge:

Gardening - Horseradish of the Apocalypse

Fashion - Kitty Crawford

Religion - Reverend Green

Travel - Chip Landau

Relationships - Ask Eve

Food - Bee Troot & May Dupp

Horoscope - Simon Bonmiot

Everything Else - Silent & Spring

 Please send us your questions either by email direct to c.stewart@collectivearchitecture.co.uk or via twitter @GuideUnsust

We have also prepared a letter template to make it easier to download please use the following link