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Image Credits

Timber Lighting Column, Aviemore - NorBuild Timber Fabrication & Fine Carpentry Ltd.
Glencoe Visitor Centre, Argyll - Gaia Architects
Point of Resolution, Southern Upland Way, Innerleithen - Charles Poulsen. Photograph by Angus Blackburn
Rammed Earth Wall, Chapel of Reconciliation, Berlin - Reitermann & Sassenroth Architeckten, Technical University Berlin; Construction: Lehm Ton Erde, Martin Rauch; Photograph by Chris Morgan
Private House, Pathhead – Icosis Architects
Linocut - John McNaught. illustration form explanatory series 'How to Harl a Building with Lime' written by Tim Meek
Mount Stuart visitor's centre, Isle of Bute - Munkenbeck + Marshall architects. Photograph by Chris Morgan (SEDA AGM 2006)
Locally sourced timber frame, 'Inchdryne' Holiday Lodge - North Woods Construction and Locate Architects