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SEDA Research Conference 2015

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SEDA Research Conference 2015

When: Friday 24th April 2015

Where: The University of Edinburgh "The Screening Room" - G.04 50, George Square , Edinburgh EH8 9JY

[Please click on the link after each speaker to download their presentation]

Building upon the success of the inaugural SEDA Research Conference, this years SEDA Research Conference will take place on 24th April in Edinburgh. Like last year it will be a day long event with 6-8 speakers and the theme for this year is “Appropriate Technologies” the aim being to explore what technological challenges we face and which technologies might have a role to play in promoting sustainability.

In addition to speakers, there will also be an opportunity for professionals and students to provide a poster of their research or project, which will be displayed for people to read during breaks.


10:00 - 10:30 Registration and Coffee

10:30 - Welcome

10:35 - Chairs update on SEDA events etc + Love Milton and Construction School

11:00 - Emma Morton - Embracing variations in patterns of use, pre and post design phase, to improve design and energy performance [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

11:30 - Jamie Hamilton - Environment, Experience and Learning in Primary Schoolchildren [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

12:00 - TBC

12:30 - Panel Discussion

12:45 - Tour of Edinburgh University's Tri-generation Plant with David Somervell

1:15 -  Lunch

1:55 - Welcome Back

2:00 Amanda Nioi - Light and the impacts on building occupants [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

2:30 - Alan Hobbett - Integrating small and medium scale generation with the electricity grid [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

3:00 - Andrew Bissell - Phase change materials and their role in smoothing energy demand [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

3:30  - Tsvetomila Duncheva - Off-site technologies towards whole life zero carbon public buildings [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

Additional presentation  - Chris Morgan - Dormont Park Passivhaus: TSB Building Performance Study  [DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION]

4:00  - Panel discussion

4:15 - Chair's summary and Close

Tickets for the event will include teas, coffees and a buffet lunch. 

The 2014 SEDA research conference re-ignited the research section of SEDA. A day of ideas, thoughts and evidence from key academics and practitioners debating ecological design issues. We filmed all of the presentations which can be accessed by clicking here - https://vimeo.com/channels/745591

Do you have questions about SEDA Research Summit 2015 - Appropriate Technology? Contact The Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA)


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