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Holmes Partnership

phone icon 0141 204 2080 email icon Email Member web icon www.holmespartnership.com

Architect | Strathclyde

Holmes Architects provide architectural design, urban planning and interior design services. We also take part in research and development projects. We are focused on the practical applications of construction techniques to provide long term sustainable solutions to the local environmental conditions in our projects.

Primary Contact: Douglas Jack

Home Energy and Data Services

phone icon 01875 614 105 email icon Email Member web icon www.Home-Data.co.uk

Consultant | Lothian

Home Energy and Data Services (HEADS) is a key player in the burgoning energy performance of buildings industry. HEADS provides support to www.RIAS-regs.co.uk and www.Architectural-EPC.co.uk, undertakes energy analysis calculations for EPCs & regulatory compliance and assessments and helps Architects deliver improved designs. Also see entry for Richard Atkins, Chartered Architect.

Primary Contact: Richard Atkins

Ian Parsons Architect

phone icon 0131 446 0228 email icon Email Member

Architect | Lothian

Conservation - Innovation - Sustainable Design: a small and dedicated practice which conserves and changes historic buildings, designs contemporary extensions and new buildings. We listen carefully to clients, innovating and incorporating sustainable design concepts to produce well-crafted buildings respecting time and budget requirements. The practice advises estates on long term planning for sustainability.

Primary Contact: Ian Parsons

Icosis Architects Ltd.

phone icon 0131 555 2442 email icon Email Member web icon www.icosis.co.uk/

Architect | Lothian

ICOSIS aim to produce both contemporary new buildings and carry out sensitive conservation projects, with an emphasis on the use of natural and environmentally sustainable materials.

Primary Contact: Sarah Sutherland

Ingenium Archial Limited

phone icon 0141 204 6500 email icon Email Member web icon www.archialgroup.com

Architect | Strathclyde

Our strategic vision embodies a unique approach to the needs of a diverse client base. We create the spaces and the places that people value for creative integrity, environmental responsibility, economic performance, social contribution and personal experience.

Primary Contact: John Easton, Sustainability Consultant

Ingrained Culture

email icon Email Member web icon www.ingrainedculture.co.uk

Craftsman | Tayside

Primary Contact: Robert Lawrence

J H Architects

Architect | Lothian

Primary Contact: Jaromir Gasiorek

J Rose Carpentry

phone icon 01575 560 332 email icon Email Member web icon http://www.jrosecarpentry.co.uk

Craftsman | Tayside

I design and build structures of any kind out of large section green timbers using traditional pegged joinery and framing techniques. This is a very specialist form of carpentry that requires many years training and experience to master to a degree that constitutes competency. It is quite different from any other form of woodwork, requiring an understanding of very different materials and methods. It can be applied equally well to new-builds or to the conservation and restoration of old timber buildings.

Primary Contact: Justin Rose

Jill Andrews Architect

phone icon 01466 771344 email icon Email Member web icon www.rias.org.uk/directory/practices/jill-andrews-architect/

Architect | Grampian

Primary Contact: Jill Andrews

John Gilbert Architects

phone icon 0141 551 8383 email icon Email Member web icon www.johngilbert.co.uk

Architect | Strathclyde

We create innovative, sustainable, affordable architecture. We are an experienced, flexible and practical provider of design and planning services, developed over 18 years as a practice. We focus on housing and community spaces, bringing residents and users into the process to create communities that last lifetimes.

Primary Contact: John Gilbert, Director


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