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    Potterrow Development, University of Edinburgh, Keith Hunter Photography
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    Suttie Centre, University of Aberdeen, Keith Hunter Photography
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    BT Headquarters, Edinburgh, Keith Hunter Photography

Bennetts Associates is an award winning architectural practice based in London and Edinburgh which pursues a ‘thoroughbred’ approach to design. Equal weight is given to engineering, cost control and construction as well as to the design concept itself across a wide range of projects that includes theatres, offices, universities, transport and hotels. The practice’s portfolio represents a consistent body of work that has been recognised for its quality of design through numerous awards and publication in many architectural journals. The practice has been awarded the prestigious Building Awards Architectural Practice of the Year in both 2006 and 2011.

Bennetts Associates has pioneered sustainability for many years and are widely held to be at the cutting edge of the subject. Work that began with ideas about energy efficiency has developed into a far more rounded approach that seeks a balance between environmental, social and economic issues for the longer term. The firm is centrally involved in the UK Green Building Council, having helped to fund its formation. Rab Bennetts is one of its Trustees and has contributed to numerous working parties on sustainability including Paul Morrell’s Low Carbon task force.